Initial experience of a multidisciplinary approach for the management of complex vascular anomalies

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Jorge Oliveros-Rivero
Daniel Acosta-Farina
Angella López-Cedeño


Introduction: Vascular Anomalies (VA) are constituted by a wide spectrum of alterations, including tumors and vascular malformations, pediatric patients with vascular anomalies will usually benefit from the contributions made by a multidisciplinary team approach. The aim of this study was to describe the initial experience of a multidisciplinary approach group for the management of complex vascular anomalies in pediatric patients.

Methodology: This observational study of pediatric patients (< 18 years), presented and analyzed in a group of vascular anomalies in Ecuador, from November 2019 to May 2022. Diagnoses were compiled according to the classification of the Society International for the Study of Vascular Anomalies, location of the lesion, treatment offered, complications and evolution; patients with uncomplicated infantile hemangioma and congenital hemangioma were excluded.

Results: A total of 45 patients with vascular anomalies were included, of which 53% were female and 47% male. The mean age at presentation was 5.93 years, 78% had vascular malformations, and 22% had vascular tumors. Venous vascular malformations were the most frequent with 22% and lymphatic malformations 16%. The most frequent location was head/face affected by venous-type vascular malformations with 29%. At least one symptom was present in 89% of the patients, the most used treatment was sclerotherapy in 36.36%.

Conclusion: It is the first report made in Ecuador of a multidisciplinary team that treats complex VA in children according to the reviewed bibliography, affirming that VA are a great challenge due to the wide spectrum of pathologies that comprise them. The multidisciplinary team guarantees complete management in complex VA cases, achieving an adequate diagnosis, in order to offer the best therapeutic options for the pediatric patient.


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Oliveros-Rivero, J., Acosta-Farina, D., & López-Cedeño, A. (2022). Initial experience of a multidisciplinary approach for the management of complex vascular anomalies. Revista Ecuatoriana De Pediatría, 23(2), 138-145.
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Daniel Acosta-Farina, Hospital de niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde/ Universidad católica Santiago de Guayaquil

Jefe del Departamento de Cirugía Pediátrica del Hospital de niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde

Director del Postgrado de Cirugía Pediátrica de la Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil

Angella López-Cedeño, Hospital de niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde

Médico Tratante de Dermatología Pediátrica

Hospital de Niños Dr. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde

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