Chronic myeloid leukemia in a pediatric patient A case report.

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Oscar Navarrete Espinoza
Maria Auxiliadora Pulla Armijos
Robinson Ramirez
Karla Calderon Salvalarria


Introduction: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a rare pathology that occurs in childhood and represents 2-3% of leukemias diagnosed in children and adolescents; the incidence of CML ranges from 0.6 to 1.2/million children/year, and the incidence of CML increases with age.

Clinical case: The case of an 11-year-old boy who presented with abdominal pain secondary to acute appendicitis with persistent leukocytosis during his hospitalization is reported.

Evolution: He was evaluated by hematology. He was diagnosed with this disease and referred to a specialized entity. An RT‒PCR was performed for BCR-ABL1, and the results were positive, confirming the findings of this study.

Conclusions: Chronic myeloid leukemia should be suspected in pediatric patients who present with hyperleukocytosis accompanied by thrombocytosis and splenomegaly without any cause, especially during adolescence, which is the most common age at which this pathology appears.


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Navarrete Espinoza, O., Pulla Armijos, M. A., Ramirez, R., & Calderon Salvalarria, K. (2023). Chronic myeloid leukemia in a pediatric patient: A case report. Revista Ecuatoriana De Pediatría, 24(3), 267-271.
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